Education Webinars Targeted for Your Needs

Yearly and Quarterly Webinars

These webinars are designed to deliver focused updates on additions, changes, and deletions of coding. All the Webinars include supporting materials, assessments, and CEUs.

    October 1
    Provide an overview of the coding changes. Webinars for inpatient and outpatient coding teams:
    • ICD-10- IPPS and MS-DRGG
    • ICD-10 CM
    • ICD-10 PCS

    Coding Clinic
    Provide an overview of the quarterly American Hospital Association (AHA) Coding Clinics topics webinars separated by:
    • ICD-10- CM
    • ICD-10- PCS

    CPT Assistant
    ​Provides an overview of each 3-month AMA CPT Assistant topics.

    January 1
    Overview of the January first – updates, revisions, and deletions of CPT codes.
    Webinars presented by:

    • OPPS​
    • Surgery
    • E/M