The Ideal Patient Portal – What should it include?

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Karen Gallagher Grant RHIA, CHP Chief Operating Officer

Karen Gallagher Grant
Chief Operating Officer

Technology empowers patients and consumers with easier access to their health records. The Blue Button Project is just one example, where patients can access their medical records electronically and share those records with health care professionals.
But are patient portals where they need to be?

Patient portals should provide…

  • Information that is meaningful
  • Easy access for patient review for data integrity
  • Dashboard information about prescriptions that combine pharmacy information and clinical information
  • Appointment scheduling

Just like any technology offering, patient portals and the data they contain are only as good as the people who use it. ePatient Dave is a great example of this. Dave deBronkhart is a strong advocate for patient engagement and breaking the barriers of traditional healthcare delivery. According to ePatient Dave, patients need to be empowered, engaged, equipped and enabled. The technology is necessary to drive better access to healthcare, but patients are responsible for creating and managing their own health. More background on Dave’s story here.

Here’s what I would ideally like to see in a patient portal:

  • Details about my next appointment
  • Wellness tips
  • Access to home health through telemedicine solutions
  • Customized decision support via nationwide clinical data repositories
  • Patient exchange of information

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