The Benefits of Working Remotely During the Holidays

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The holiday season and winter are here, and that means shorter days, busier schedules, tons of shopping, lots of party planning, baking, decorating, and so much more. Trying to plan our days during the holidays while balancing a full-time job and family can be very challenging for anyone. Working remotely in the cancer registry and coding fields during this time of year has its own rewards and challenges.

Spending time with family and friends during the holidays is one of our greatest pleasures. Working remotely allows us to spend more time with our children during the holidays while on school break. Working from home allows an employee the flexibility to work around other family members’ schedules to help reduce the cost of daycare. This also allows remote workers to spend more quality time with loved ones doing things like baking, decorating, wrapping presents, or simply spending time together – all while making wonderful, unforgettable memories and traditions in a less stressful environment.

Another great advantage of working from home is the flexibility of working at different times of the day. Working remotely allows a person the ability to work a more flexible schedule that is convenient to their personal life. Having more flexibility and ownership of our own schedules, in a world where we all have busy lives, allows us to make time for the people and things in our lives that make us happy.

Not only can we spend more quality time with our loved ones, but we can find more time for ourselves when working from home. As a remote worker in the cancer registry or coding field, especially if working for a contract company, we are no longer held hostage to the clock and a specific schedule if permitted by the company. We have the flexibility to work at our own leisure as long as we get in our hours, maintain productivity, and complete the work required of us.

Working remotely during the holiday season holds many benefits although balancing work and home life can have its challenges at times. Staying organized, prioritizing to-do’s, and planning ahead can help in maintaining that balance.

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