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E/M office and other and other outpatient visit guidelines will be changing as of January 1, 2021. Below are further details regarding these changes: Read Part I and Part II of this blog for more information. Major E/M revisions for 2021 regarding time of patient encounters include Extensive E/M guidelines additions, revisions, and restructuring Deletion of code 99201 and revision of …

TAVR Procedure

Coding Tips on TAVR Procedure

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By: Carrie Pfeifle, BS, RHIT | Coding Audit Manager @ MRA Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) is also known as Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI). Medicare officially refers to this as TAVR/TAVI, but either single acronym is correct. TAVR is a transcatheter surgical procedure in which an aortic valve replacement is performed without removing the damaged native valve. In simple …

Internal Auditing

Back to the Basics: How to Do an Internal Coding Audit

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Internal coding audits are an important tool in any hospital’s compliance program. They illuminate potential areas for corrections prior to scrutiny by payers and regulators, which can help reduce payer denials and protect revenue. Additionally, performing regular, ongoing internal auditing can improve clinical documentation and coding initiatives, enhance data integrity, and increase communication across the organization. Not only do they …

Bringing Awareness to Kidney Cancer

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March is kidney cancer awareness month. So what is the role of our kidneys? The kidneys are bean shaped organs located on each side of the mid back. The kidneys are retroperitoneal organs that lie behind the peritoneum that lines the abdominal cavity. The main function of the kidneys are to filter the blood and get rid of excess water …

Best Practices to Meet Cancer Registry Reporting Deadline

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Cancer registries are legislatively mandated to collect confidential data on tumor characteristics, monitor cancer trends, aid in epidemiologic research, and collect quality cancer data elements. Abstracting Timeliness and what this means to you: Abstracting timeliness entails the completion of all analytic cases within six months from the date of initial diagnosis must be reported to your state central registry. All …