Physician Education

Physician education is critical to ensure clinical documentation meets medical coding requirements.

As ICD-10 continues to bring major challenges for medical coders nationwide, physician education enables awareness of clinical documentation improvement strategies to ensure appropriate reimbursement.

Because coders get their data directly from the physician, gaps and errors in documentation often come straight from the top. These documentation inefficiencies increase the amount of time dedicated to compliance auditing, resulting in lost profits, denied claims, and negative patient outcomes.

Gain documentation efficiencies that drive revenue and reduce denials.

MRA’s expert clinical documentation specialists provide concise and to-the-point education to help busy physicians effectively improve clinical documentation, by assisting with:

  • Physician and clinical staff documentation programs and presentations
  • Medical staff/hospital and physician staff programs and presentations
  • Anatomy and physiology review
Tailored education programs increase physician engagement.

MRA’s physician education program begins with a tailored needs assessment to determine the specific education requirements in order to create a custom training program. This highly specified approach to physician education ensures medical staff are engaged throughout the process, quickly improving the overall status of the clinical documentation and generating measurable results.


"We attribute much of our success to the experts at MRA."

- Dr. Patrick Brophy, Chairman of Cancer Committee at Winchester Hospital

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