Healthcare Release of Information Services

Manage and fulfill release of information requests quickly and securely to improve operations and drive revenue.

Your EHR only goes so far in ensuring safe, timely, and secure release of information to outside third parties and patients. MRA assists in fulfilling requests in a timely and compliant manner, relieving the burden on in-house resources and allowing your organization to focus on the revenue-generating capabilities that matter most — like managing claims and preventing denials.

Reduce the risk of a HIPAA compliance breach.

HIPPA-trained MRA specialists know what to release, when to release, and to whom, certifying every request, every record and every recipient to reduce the risk of a HIPAA compliance breach.

MRA’s release of information services empower community hospitals to provide better patient care.

MRA equips community hospitals with the resources necessary to fulfill medical record requests quickly and securely, allowing the swift access to the information patients need to better manage their care.

  • Highly trained remote ROI specialists access and process medical records from anywhere, without compromising security.
  • Ready to scale to accommodate a fluctuating volume of requests.
  • Data-driven model to identify performance trends and actionable areas of improvement
  • Consistent access to support services via industry-leading response times (less than 24-hours!)

Ready to scale to accommodate a fluctuating volume of requests, MRA offers three levels of Release of Information services to meet the needs of our provider partners, including:

  • Full service: MRA manages all aspects of the Release of Information process, ranging from processing requests to handling on site patient walk-ins.
  • Partial service: MRA handles only the request and billing process. This can be done onsite and/or remotely.
  • Remote: All requests are managed remotely by MRA staff at corporate headquarters without compromising security.


"One thing that stands out about MRA is their excellent customer service. The MRA staff is VERY knowledgeable."

- HIM Director, Children’s Hospital

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