Electronic Release | HIPAA Compliance

Ensure complete HIPAA Compliance with MRA’s electronic health records release services.

MRA provides the technology, equipment, knowledge, and resources necessary to track and electronically release medical records while maintaining full HIPAA compliance.

  • Eliminate technology headaches. MRA owns and manages the software, relieving our care provider partners from technical burdens.
  • Ensure security and appropriate handling of PHI. We are a certified HIH (Health Information Handler), utilizing the esMD transmission software for CMS requests.
  • Increase patient satisfaction. Your patients may access requested information rapidly while knowing that PHI is kept secure.
We are committed to ensuring that our care provider partners are fully compliant.

As one of the largest and most trusted Health Information Services providers in the U.S, MRA ensures complete adherence to HIPAA regulation by:

  • Optimizing processes and continually testing
  • Enabling consistent access to support services via industry-leading response times (less than 24-hours!)
  • Keeping abreast of industry trends and guidelines via ongoing staff training and education
  • Ensuring adherence to compliance standards via in-house legal and compliance counsel
  • Electronic information is uploaded into the MRA disclosure management system while paper-based records are scanned. For those with a patient portal, MRA specialists may also upload requested information directly to the portal.


"One thing that stands out about MRA is their excellent customer service. The MRA staff is VERY knowledgeable."

- HIM Director, Children’s Hospital

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