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Create cost-saving efficiencies by simplifying the payer and government audit process.

Over one million medical records have been requested by Recovery Audit Contractors, costing hospital teams valuable time and resources, typically requiring hundreds or thousands of patient records — making audit management a top five cost concern for hospital CFOs.

MRA is a certified Health Information Handler (HIH), fully compliant with esMD for all electronic transmissions to CMS, simplifying RACs, MACs, and other government or payer audits.   

  • Avoid technical denials.
  • Meet every appeal target.
  • Prepare for and manage complex auditor demands.
  • Identify improper Medicare Part D payments.
  • Navigate the complex appeals process following an adverse RAC payment determination.

MRA offers government and payer audit management services to simplify and control the audit process, relieving the burden for your organization without impacting workflow, by:

  • Rapidly and reliably filing via an ASP-based delivery model
  • Ensuring security during deployment
  • Electronically submitting documents to CMS via esMD
  • Complying with HIPAA privacy and security regulations
  • Enabling 24/7 access to authorized chart images from multiple locations
  • Customizing reporting, graphs, and dashboard
  • Seamlessly integrating with MRA’s other HIM solutions


"One thing that stands out about MRA is their excellent customer service. The MRA staff is VERY knowledgeable."

- HIM Director, Children’s Hospital

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