Clinical Audit Management

Prevent Revenue Loss & Improve Your Bottom Line

Payer audits and claim denials are increasing for hospitals and providers of all sizes, and the associated demands are often overwhelming. As increasing audit volumes place more revenue at risk, savvy providers are seeking support in navigating this challenging payer audit environment. 

Support from MRA will ensure your audits are processed in compliant fashion and that you receive actionable data via regular dashboard reporting. Our unique approach to tracking and trending payer audit data will help you expose targeted areas for improvement, prevent future denials, and maintain revenue integrity.

MRA’s expertise will help streamline your RACs, MACs, and other government or payer audits, empowering your organization to:

  • Avoid costly, time-consuming claim denials and meet appeal targets
  • Minimize compliance risks and answer requests promptly
  • Create an integrated, effective system for handling audits and complex auditor demands
  • Track and trend audits to expose areas of vulnerability
  • Establish KPIs and put improvement plans into action to protect against future losses
  • Identify and remediate improper Medicare Part D payments


"We attribute much of our success to the experts at MRA."

- Dr. Patrick Brophy, Chairman of Cancer Committee at Winchester Hospital

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