ACoS Survey Preparation

ACoS survey preparation is essential to the success of any cancer registry program.

MRA helps your organization effectively prepare for an American College of Surgeons audit through a rigorous combination of onsite assessments and readiness activities, including:

  • Maintaining compliance with Commission on Cancer Standards
  • Identifying deficiencies
  • Providing executive reports
  • Creating a plan of action

MRA’s preparations ensure control of the ACoS survey process.

  • Meet with Cancer Committee to review CoC on-site survey process.
  • Assist Cancer Program in compiling required documentation for surveyor.
  • Review Cancer Committee minutes for required documentation.
  • Assist Cancer Registry in completion of the Survey Application Report.
  • Tailor Cancer Registry to meet organization’s environment.


"We attribute much of our success to the experts at MRA."

- Dr. Patrick Brophy, Chairman of Cancer Committee at Winchester Hospital

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