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MRA Cancer Registry Services

Cancer registries today are often backlogged due to high demand and short supply of resources which hinder ongoing healthcare management.

MRA’s team of Certified Tumor Registrars (CTRs) can play a vital role in the efficient documentation and management of your cancer data.  

Our Cancer Registry services help you collect, organize, and manage the data necessary to improve the quality of cancer care while protecting future revenue.

Meet All Your Cancer Registry Challenges

    MRA's experts help you:

  • Maintain preparedness for ACoS audits
  • Adapt to evolving regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Eliminate backlogs and abstracting through complete program outsourcing including case finding and follow-up
  • Customize your cancer registry program through our program assessment and consultation tailored to your specific requirements.

Learn More. Understand More With MRA’s Cancer Learning Center

Master your cancer registry issues with MRA’s problem-solving resource for all your cancer registry functions.  Stay up to date with our blogs, workshops, and FAQs. MRA will even conduct special studies and perform data collection projects (e-QuIP) upon request.


"We attribute much of our success to the experts at MRA."

- Dr. Patrick Brophy, Chairman of Cancer Committee at Winchester Hospital

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