Auditing - Coding and Compliance

MRA Auditing for Coding and Compliance

Ensure Accuracy. Reduce Risk. Improve Revenue Integrity. 

Today’s changing regulations, new services plus the transition to value-based care affect your bottom line in many ways. It’s more important than ever that your coding and compliance auditing pinpoint the top issues driving your risk and impacting your revenue.  

MRA can partner with you to design the perfect auditing plan to help you see opportunities and resolve issues quickly wherever they arise.

  • Coding auditing
  • Compliance auditing
  • Professional coding evaluations
  • Charge capture audits
  • Coding/Charge documentation validation

Pinpoint Actionable Areas For Improvement With MRA’s 4 Step Approach
Our customized audits ensure the integrity of all your coded data from Inpatient to Outpatient and Professional. 

MRA's audits identify specific areas for team improvement covering the 4 critical areas for a successful ongoing audit plan including:

1. Use data to identify challenges and how to address them proactively

2. Providing education for coders and clinicians

3. Establishing benchmarks and key performance indicators (KPIs) for coders

4. Improving coding practices to decrease the risk of outside audits.

Identify Issues And Opportunities With Insight-Rich Reports
MRA’s 4 step approach gives you a complete quality audit - all presented in a final report with highly targeted accuracy issues and proactive insights for improvement. 

We help you implement all our recommendations. We work with your coders directly to educate them and improve their performance - always following a prescribed development plan showing how to identify future issues and opportunities.

Compliance Auditing

Better Insights For Continuous Improvement
Meeting your audit compliance goals can be daunting especially if you have concerns in very specific areas. MRA covers them all.

With our value-driven approach, we capture meaningful data to reveal hidden trends that impact your claims and denials.  Our audit insights empower your team to pinpoint actionable areas of improvement and identify the appropriate steps to make it happen.  

Achieve All Your Auditing Goals
MRA experts can assist your compliance audits in a variety of ways: 

  • Designing the overall audit approach
  • Implementing a partial or complete audit
  • Delivering an executive summary plus action plan
  • Collaborating to deliver the action plan to leadership


"We’ve had a very long, successful relationship with MRA and will continue to lean on their knowledge and expertise as our organization tackles future challenges. "

- Anonymous

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