Release of Information Wish List – 3 Things for Your Holiday

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What’s on your holiday wish list? Sure, we all have a gadget or perfume we would love to receive.
But what about your work wish list? What does your ideal release of information (ROI) situation look like as we enter 2015?

Working hand-in-hand with hospitals and practices over the past 25 years, I’ve heard a lot of wishes and wants from HIM Directors.  Their feedback has been immensely valuable.  Customer feedback also helps us at MRA constantly learn and improve.

So why keep these “wishes” a secret? It is the season of giving and I’ve compiled a holiday wish list of three  things most HIM directors want from their outsourced ROI partners.

Wish #1: True partnership

 HIM Directors don’t limit their vendor qualifications to “superior customer service”. Directors need a tried and true partner when it comes to their release of information process. Many facilities use an outsourced ROI model to supplement their existing staff so constant communication and availability are paramount.

If a Director feels the ROI vendor is avoiding his or her facility, the relationship crumbles. A true ROI partner takes the time to ensure staff is in place when record requests fluctuate and is readily available if issues occur. On the other hand, a true partnership is proactive. ROI service providers should take every precaution to avoid issues before they even occur.

Wish #2: Efficiency and compliance.

A given? Unfortunately, no. Outsourced companies are good at shaving costs compared to in-house methods, which means they know how to stretch a dollar.

You must ensure the outsourced partner you choose has a track record of proven, measurable results. If you’re like most of our clients, one of your ROI goals is to centralize and streamline the PHI disclosure management processes. Your vendor should therefore boost (not hinder) productivity when releasing patient records. This is done with expertise and experience.

Vendors who make it their mission to improve your efficiency and compliance are most coveted—well after the cost-savings presentations have ended.

Wish #3: Proactive EHR integration

Although EHR technology is important, the right people to implement and use the tools are essential. If your ROI partner doesn’t have a reputation built on trust and transparency with using EHRs, problems will occur.

Converting from paper to electronic records enhances the level of quality in your disclosure management process. Be sure you have a partner who is forward-thinking during the conversion process. You want them to foresee obstacles well in advance and have strategies in place to avoid the kinks.

Do you have another “wish” to add to this list?  If you think I left something out or don’t agree, please say so in the comments section below. We love to hear from our readers!

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