MRA’s Commitment to Health and Wellness



MRA is devoting itself to the pursuit of Health and Wellness within our communities.

In late June, the CDC released a study revealing that 2 in every 5 American adults are currently struggling with mental health or substance use.  In fact, the study confirmed that “Overall, 40.9% of respondents reported having at least one adverse mental or behavioral health condition; 31% reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder; and 26% reported symptoms of a trauma- and stressor-related disorder related to the pandemic.”  

It is clear that the pandemic is taking its toll on the mental health of Americans. This has led us to reconsider the importance of mental health and wellness as it relates to our employees and the communities we serve. Back in March, we began asking our clients about what we can do to help their front-line workers. While PPE, food, and other supplies were all needed around the country, several noted the mental stress factor and how it was taking a heavy toll on the lives of their clinical staff.

In response, MRA has launched a health and wellness initiative with the goal of supporting the emotional and physical well being of our own staff and of healthcare providers across the country. We will be starting with sharing tips and resources via email, and continuing to explore more ways to bring peace of mind to those who need it most right now.  Check out our guided meditations on the resources page



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