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Karen Gallagher Grant RHIA, CHP Chief Operating Officer

Karen Gallagher Grant
Chief Operating Officer

I have been reading a great deal about management these days. Most recently, I read an article in Forbes Magazine[1] regarding the Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna, Austria this past year. Many of the thoughts resonated with me, such as management being “exciting” and the fact that our organizations are in trouble.

It also noted that new thinking is emerging and five areas that must evolve:

Goals, Structure, Coordination, Values and Communication

This was music to my ears. In the health information services business, we utilize these areas everyday. However, I thought if we truly examine the way we do business we can be continue to be more innovative.

Here are my thoughts…

We have structures within the department, but they may not be truly coordinated. How can our disclosure management specialists also review the documentation for items needed for coding, such as “lateralities”, “trimester”, and “under dosing” and other conditions that will effect ICD-10 coding? How can our coders think about ICD-10 codes as they relate to improving our case finding in Cancer Registry? Does our documentation lack time frames attached to codes such as respiratory/ventilator codes? By coordinating these specialties we can improve the productivity of knowledge work.

Another point that Denning made was that technology doesn’t guarantee a positive future. “The future is something that needs to be achieved” Denning stated, and that we can see positive developments with technology but also technology can lead us down some very bad paths. There are choices that have to be made.

Our health information organizations have strong leaders where innovation can be the driving force but we need to do this by changing our Goals, Structures, Coordination, Values, and Communication.

What are your thoughts?

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