MRA Thought of the Day—Copy Fees and Out of State Attorneys

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While vacationing in Boston, Massachusetts, a resident of Maine was involved in a motor vehicle accident. She was treated for her injuries in Boston. Two weeks later, the patient’s attorney from Maine requested copies of her medical records from the Boston, Massachusetts facility.

The hospital sent a prepay invoice to the Maine attorney. Upon receipt of the invoice, the attorney’s office called to report there had been an error. The attorney’s office thought the medical record copy fees should have been calculated in accordance with Maine regulations, not Massachusetts.

Where You do Business

The reason the attorney was charged the Massachusetts fees rather than the ones set for Maine is that people are governed by the laws of the state where they do business. Therefore, the charge for medical record copies for a patient treated in a Boston hospital will be in accordance with Massachusetts law.

A facility is free to charge a lower fee or provide a courtesy copy of the medical record to the patient, but is not required to do so.

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