MRA Thought of the Day – Are Persistence and Investigative Skills in Your Job Description?

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Nilda Tamburello RHIA, Vice President of Release Of Information

Nilda Tamburello RHIA, Vice President of Release Of Information

A subpoena was received from an attorney’s office requesting a copy of his client’s medical record for court. Upon reviewing the medical record, several older dates of service were missing. The search was on for these particular records. Everyone from MRA’S ROI staff and the hospital’s employees were looking for this record. In researching the different logs from the outside storage company, these dates of service should have been purged. So there was no doubt that these records should have been at their storage company. A computer search at the storage company revealed no such chart was even entered into their system. Several calls were made to the storage company asking them to check the different box numbers, before and after, the box that this record should have been in. Anything that might help locate the missing record was performed. The storage company had done a complete search with no luck.

Here are my thoughts…

One dedicated MRA employee was determined not to give up. They checked the manifest of all the boxes that was sent to the storage company in that period of time that these records should have been purged. This employee found a gap in the sequence of the numbered boxes and sure enough when the storage company had received this box they had missed entering the whole box into their system. Our needed chart was in that box.

The subpoena was delivered on time.

This employee exemplifies the type of service we at MRA aim to provide for our clients. Our employees possess, not only extensive medical record knowledge, but the investigative skills to find any record and deliver it on time.

What are your thoughts?

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