Look For Job Opportunities That Promote Continuing Education

Continued Education For MRA Employees

In a previous blog, I discussed the advantages of working remotely and how this arrangement can enhance one’s work-life balance. In this article, I’ll focus on another way in which employees can find purpose and meaning in their chosen careers—that is, enhancing one’s knowledge and education. At MRA, employees have found continuing education (CE) opportunities to be quite fulfilling and rewarding. These opportunities should be provided in one’s workplace to create a sense of value and advancement.

Questions For Medical Coders To Consider Before Taking A Job

As coders, cancer registrars, and disclosure management staff consider working for an outsource company, they should also ponder the types of CE opportunities that will be made available to them. In particular, coders should consider the following questions:

1. What type of ongoing ICD-9 and CPT coder training is provided? Does the company provide any specialized training? This could include the following:

  • Coding Clinic and CPT update sessions
  • Evaluation and management education
  • Quarterly education to review audit results
  • Coder-specific remedial training to enhance one’s knowledge in a particular specialty or area of coding

2. What type of ICD-10 coder training is provided? Does this education include sufficient time for dual coding and ongoing refresher training?

3. How does the company promote communication between coders, cancer registrars, and disclosure management so individuals in all areas can learn from one another?

4. What type of HIPAA training does the company provide?

5. What type of orientation is provided before the coder begins working at a particular site?

6. Does the company provide any cross-training opportunities?

7. Are quality audits performed? If so, how often, and how is this information provided to the coding staff?

8. To what coding resources and tools do coders have access?

Also inquire about the types of settings in which coders generally work. Will coders gain exposure to hospitals, physician practices, and more? Being able to work in a prestigious academic medical center, for example, provides many opportunities for learning and advancement.

MRA is committed to providing excellent service to our clients, and we are also dedicated to providing quality education for our staff members. We work as a team to deliver results, and we ensure that our employees receive ongoing training in coding, cancer registry, and disclosure management. We value our employees, and we take the time and resources to invest in their education and knowledge.

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