ICD-10-PCS : NEW FY 2021 Coding Updates Part II

ICD-10-PCS Coding Updates

ICD-10-PCS FY 2021 Updates

Read Part 1, ICS-10-CM Coding Updates Here. as well as Part 3, Coding Guideline Updates, Here 

The ICD-10-PCS update for FY 2021 will go into effect on October 1, 2020 and will cover patient discharges occurring from October 1, 2020, through September 30, 2021. This year’s updates include the addition of 544 new codes. There are no deleted, nor revised codes this time
around. This year’s additions bring the total codes in ICD-10-PCS to 78,103. While 544 new procedure codes sound like a significant number of additions, the new codes can be categorized into several broad buckets that we will review in more detail below. We will highlight
some of the key areas. A comprehensive list of additions can be referenced at the CMS website.

• Several existing PCS tables were expanded to capture new sites, techniques, or implanted devices. 116 new codes were added to PCS tables 02F, 03F, 04F, and 05F for fragmentation procedures. Up until this current update, the fragmentation tables were for lithotripsy of the
urinary system. Now this technique can be used for the vascular system. Intravascular lithotripsy can be used alone or with stent placement to treat plaque in the arteries.

• 78 new codes were created in the fusion tables 0RG and 0SG. This expansion will allow data to be collected for joint procedures that use sustained compression internal fixation devices.

• 131 new codes were added to expand on existing PCS tables for Brachytherapy and, more specifically, the isotope of Cesium-131. The new codes can be found in the D Tables of PCS.

• 157 new codes were added in the several body systems in the Insertion tables. The expansion of these tables will allow for collection of data to reflect Radioactive Elements in the device value.

• Another table that is expanded is table 5A0, for Assistance with Respiratory Ventilation, where specificity was added for High Nasal Flow/Velocity. 3 new codes were created here.

• Also noteworthy are a few new procedures in table 0W9. These can reflect procedures to drain the pelvic cavity and the various approaches. There are 6 new procedures codes in this category.

• The Obstetrics table has 2 new procedures for the remove ectopic pregnancy. This procedure is most commonly seen as laparoscopic approach; however, the new procedure codes can capture those situations where the procedure was done via percutaneous endoscopic or open approach.

• There were several new code additions for the new technologies that were created as a result of the CMS payment program for the add-on payments (NTAP- New Technology Add-on Payment). These can be located in PCS tables X2A, XNU, and XW0.

• 32 new codes were created for imaging purposes. A new sub-type in section B has been created to classify other modes of imaging. These new codes can be located in tables BF5 and BW5.

The complete files from CMS are located here and can be downloaded.

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