Healthcare Denial Management

Data-driven denial management solutions improve claim quality and drive revenue.

Effective denial management is a necessary component of a successfully functioning healthcare organization. Yet, an estimated 90% of denials are preventable with proper medical coding and compliance measures.

Compare data and identify trends to efficiently manage denials.

In the era of value-based care, the ways in which a healthcare organization manages denials has a measurable impact on the bottom line. MRA has developed a value-driven approach, capturing meaningful data to expose trends that impact claims and denials, empowering care providers to pinpoint actionable areas of improvement and identify the appropriate steps necessary to improve claim quality and enhance overall revenue cycle performance.

MRA’s comprehensive denial management services include:

  • Capturing data and identifying trends to determine the root cause of denials
  • Solving problems and preventing future issues
  • Examining billing processes to analyze the revenue cycle
  • Uncovering workflow efficiency solutions
  • Implementing comprehensive educational services

Eliminate revenue loss.

Many healthcare organizations lose between 1% and 3% of net revenue because of denial mismanagement. MRA’s experienced denials management team actively manages denied claims, helping our community hospital partners to retain profits and maximize revenue.


"MRA's coding education is done very well and brings lots of value."

- HIM Director, South Shore Hospital

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