Improve Your Coding through Education

The constant in healthcare is change. Keeping your coding team’s skills up to date is critical to the accuracy and quality of your coding. Ongoing assessment and education is the key to proactively managing these changes and supplying education to focus on areas to be improved ensures success for your team.
Proactive Education - Positive Impact on Coding
• Improve employee retention
• Enhance the quality of coding
• Increase coding accuracy
• Reduce denials

MRA and YES have partnered to deliver expert coding education to healthcare organizations across the United States. The education modules are designed by coding professional, which ensures coding nuances are addressed clearly and accurately. Modules are kept up to date with all coding changes on an ongoing bases.
Features of our Education
• Constructed for adult learners – Modules are less than 15 minutes
• Accessible 24 x7 using online education
• Deliver supporting materials for the leaner for reference
• Provide pre-approved AAPC CEU
• Provide Certificate of Completion for AHIMA CEU submission
• Identify coding skills needing improvement
• Track your teams progress within the education
• Flexible education paths to meet your needs.
Education Webinars Targeted for Your Needs
​​Yearly and Quarterly Coding Updates
These webinars are designed to deliver focused updates on additions, changes, and deletions of coding. All the Webinars include supporting materials, assessments, and CEUs.
October 1st
Provide an overview of the coding changes. Webinars for inpatient and outpatient coding teams:
• ICD-10- IPPS and MS-DRGG
• ICD-10 CM
• ICD-10 PCS
Coding Clinic
Provide an overview of the quarterly American Hospital Association (AHA) Coding Clinics topics webinars separated by:
• ICD-10- CM
• ICD-10- PCS
CPT Assistant
Provides an overview of each 3-month AMA CPT Assistant topics. ​
January 1st
Overview of the January first – updates, revisions, and deletions of CPT codes. Webinars presented by:
• Surgery
• E/M
Assessments and Education
​Assessing your team ensures you can focus their education. With a targeted assessment, then education becomes measurable and reportable. Delivering education modules that target all key areas for inpatient, outpatient facilities and profee coding. These modules are combined for your needs. ​
ICD-10-CM Refreshers
• Endocrine diagnoses
• Circulatory diagnoses: Heart Failure, Hypertension, and CKD
• Circulatory diagnoses: Acute MI
• Respiratory diagnoses
• Obstetrical and Newborn diagnoses
• Injury diagnoses
• Complications and Drug diagnoses
• ICD-10-CM Guidelines FY2020 ​
ICD-10-PCS Refreshers
• Spinal procedures
• Orthopedic procedures
• Cardiac procedures: CABG and PCI
• Cardiac procedures: Heart Assist Devices
• Cardiac procedures: Vascular Access Devices
• Cardiac procedures: Pacemaker, AICD, Heart Valve, MAZE
• OB and Female Genital procedures
• Root Operations: Biopsy, Excision and Resection
• Root Operations: Debridement, Destruction, Extraction
• Root Operations: Aneurysms, Control, Drainage, Extirpation and Fragmentation
• Gastrointestinal procedures
• Head and Neck procedures
• New Technology Procedures
• ICD-10-PCS Guidelines FY 2020