CoC Datalinks to be Replaced by QPort in October 2021

More changes are coming to the Commission on Cancer (CoC) online portals and how cancer programs access information and resources for accreditation. In a recent news brief the CoC announced that Datalinks, the current online portal, will be replaced by the new ACS Quality Portal, or QPort, as early as late October 2021.

Programs in process of resolving a deficiency from a prior site visit will continue to have access to the current Survey Application Record (SAR) in Datalinks to submit resolution documents on, or before, the due date. Once all deficiencies are resolved and a Three-Year Accreditation status has been achieved, the Accreditation Report (AR) will be moved to QPort and accessed in the Site Visit History Section. The entire SAR will NOT be carried over.

Information Moving to QPort

For each accredited program, the CoC will be moved to QPort:

  • Accreditation Report (AR) from the LAST completed site visit entered through Datalinks that was based on, or used, the Survey Application Record (SAR) and the 2016 program standards.
  • Once moved, the AR will no longer be available in Datalinks.

Resources Available in QPort

Resource documents, templates, standards manuals, instructions, clarifications and other links, including the LAST AR will be available to accredited programs via the QPort Resource Section as early as late October 2021. Information will also include the last completed site visit, 2020 program standards and more.

Sites who resolve an ongoing deficiency will have their AR moved over once Three-Year Accreditation has been achieved. As noted above, the SAR and supporting documentation will not move.

Resources NOT Moving to QPort

Note which resources and documents will NOT be moved to QPort:

  • All historical Survey Application Records (SARs), Accreditation Reports (AR), or supporting documents prior to the 2020 calendar year will not be moved.
  • Again, as noted above, the SAR and supporting documents for sites who resolve a program deficiency in Fourth Quarter, 2020 will not be moved.

Accredited programs should take immediate action. Mark your calendars and set aside some time to review Datalinks before the end of the 2021 calendar year, and preferably before October 31, 2021.

For each calendar year of accreditation, review the SAR, site-specific documents uploaded to the SAR and any associated accreditation reports (AR). Download or print any record you may need for documentation or reference in the future. While the date to permanently retire Datalinks has not been decided, some links or source documents in Datalinks will be removed and not accessible to you when QPort launches.

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