The Ultimate List of Cancer Registry Resources for 2021

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The Ultimate List of Cancer Registry Resources for 2021

Working in cancer registry is a tough job. Most hospitals see a diverse patient population. A registrar needs to accurately summarize each cancer patient’s history, diagnosis, treatment, and health status while following mandated guidelines. This requires analyzing and synthesizing information from many different resources.

Registrars provide critical data that is used in the management of cancer. This data provides essential information to researchers, healthcare providers, and public health officials as they develop and track cancer treatments, conduct research, and improve cancer prevention and screening programs.

To help registrars with this work, MRA put together an ultimate list of resources that you can rely on.

Reportability Requirements

SEER Program Coding and Staging Manual 2018, Introduction and General Instructions

SEER collects and publishes cancer incidence and survival data from population-based cancer registries covering approximately 34 percent of the U.S. population. These registries routinely collect data on patient demographics, primary tumor site, tumor morphology and stage at diagnosis, first course of treatment, and follow-up for vital status (survival). These data are collected on every cancer case reported from 19 U.S. geographic areas.

Casefinding (Case Ascertainment)

Casefinding ICD-9-CM or ICD-10 code list

ICD-CM Conversion

Use the casefinding lists to screen prospective cases and identify cancer cases for inclusion in the registry. A casefinding list is not the same as a reportable list. Casefinding lists are intended for searching a variety of cases so as not to miss any reportable cases.

Definition of Casefinding (case ascertainment): Process of identifying all reportable cases through review of source documents and case listings. Casefinding covers a range of cases that need to be assessed to determine whether or not they are reportable.

ICD-O-3 Guidelines

It is used by cancer registries throughout the world to record incidence of malignancy and survival rates, and the data produced are used to inform cancer control, research activity, treatment planning and health economics.


Registry Plus™ Software Programs for Cancer Registries

While there are many different software vendors, one helpful resource is Registry Plus, which is a suite of publicly available free software programs for collecting and processing cancer registry data. The Registry Plus suite can be used separately or together for routine or special data collection. These software programs, compliant with national standards, are made available by CDC to implement the National Program of Cancer Registries, established by Public Law 102-515.

Abstracting and Coding

Standards for Oncology Registry Entry (STORE)

Historical Staging and Coding Manuals

SEER Hematopoietic Project

AJCC Staging Manual

SEER Summary Staging Manual

SEER*Rx - Interactive Antineoplastic Drugs Database

Data Standards & Data Dictionary

CoC Cancer Program Accreditation

Cancer Program Survey Process

Cancer Reporting Protocols and Guidelines (CAP)

Rapid Quality Reporting System (RQRS)

National Cancer Database (NCDB) Data Submission

National Accreditation Programnaaa for Breasts Centers (NAPBC)

Helpful Links

US Census Bureau


Directory of all active National Provider Identifier (NPI) records

NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology 

Look Up a ZIP Code™

Translating Diagnostic Terms for Tumors

Questions and Answers

SEER Inquiry System

Ask a SEER Registrar

Data Collection Answers from the CoC, NPCR, SEER Technical Workgroup

CAnswer Forum


SEER Training

SEER Online Training


Collaborative Stage Education Resources

AJCC Registrar Curriculum

NAACR training content

National Cancer Registrars Association Education

American College of Surgeons Cancer Programs

AHiMA Cancer Registry Courses

National Program of Cancer Registries (NPCR)

State Resources

Alabama – Hospital Resources and Casefinding Code List

Alaska – Cancer Registry

ArizonaCancer Registry Coding Handbook

ArkansasCancer Registry Rules and Resources

California – Registrar Resources and Reporting

ColoradoCentral Cancer Registry

ConnecticutResources for Registrars

Delaware - Hospital Reporting Procedure Manual

District of ColumbiaCancer Registry

FloridaResources for Registrars

Georgia - Policy and Procedure Manual for Reporting Facilities July 2017

HawaiiTumor Registry

Idaho - Reporting Laws & Rules

IllinoisCancer Registry

IndianaPolicy and Procedure Manuals

KansasCancer Registry Coding and Information Manual

Kentucky - 2018 Abstractor's Manual and Registrars Wiki

LouisianaHospital Reporting Resources

MaineHospital Reporting Resources

Maryland - Resources

Massachusetts - Abstracting and Coding Manual, 5th edition

Michigan - Cancer Program Manual

MinnesotaCancer Registry Reporting Requirements

Mississippi - Cancer Registry Reporting Manual Revised 2016

MissouriAbstracting and Reporting Resources

Montana - Central Tumor Registry Site

NebraskaCancer Registry Brochure

NevadaReporting & Analyzing Information for Cancer and Nevada Cancer Reporting Interactive Course

New HampshireInformation for Registrars

New JerseyProgram Manual Instructions for Health Care Facilities 2018

New MexicoCancer Reporting Requirements

New York - Facility Reporting Manual

North CarolinaCancer Registry Reporting Requirements

North Dakota – Reportable Conditions and Administrative Rules

Ohio - Web Plus Manual for Hospital Abstracting

OklahomaCancer Registry Coding Manual

Oregon - Cancer Reporting Standards and Forms

PennsylvaniaCancer Registry Reporting Requirements

Rhode IslandCancer Registry

South CarolinaCancer Registry Regulations & Legislation

South DakotaCancer Registry Reporting

TennesseeStandards for Reporting

TexasCancer Reporting Guidelines

Utah - How to Report a Cancer Case in Utah

VermontReporting Requirements and Hospital Procedures

Virginia2016 User Manual

WashingtonState Cancer Registry Administrative Code & Reporting Requirements

West Virginia - Cancer Registry Procedure Manual 2017 Facility-Based Registry Edition

Wisconsin - Cancer Reporting System (WCRS) Reporting Announcements

Wyoming - Cancer Surveillance Program Reporting Manual

Do you have any resources that you rely on but isn’t on this list? Put a link in the comments below.

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