7 Points of Focus When Your Revenue Cycle Metric is Low

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Metrics represent values to measure an organization’s strategy. Leaders should understand that metrics cannot replace strategy. It can lead to behaviors that undermine the very strategy the metrics expect to measure, resulting in negative consequences for all. Remember the severe negative repercussions experienced by the banking giant Wells Fargo when it aggressively...

Considering Outsourced Services? Choose Wisely

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Summary   As the world of healthcare becomes more complex, healthcare executives are searching for ways to curb costs quickly and substantially while remaining competitive and profitable. Outsourcing is one way to reduce inefficiencies and eliminate redundancy. Let's explore some of the pain points health systems and hospitals face along with the pros and cons of using...

Repost: Where’s the Value? Six reasons why healthcare payment reform has stalled.

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And What the Future Might Hold By Stephanie Kovalick  For years, healthcare industry pundits have been predicting that we’re on the verge of a tipping point in value-based payment (VBP) and/or care. In a 2016 survey of 115 payers by ORC International and commissioned by McKesson, respondents predicted that VBP—such as pay-for-performance, global payment or capitation,...

HIM Outsourcing—When is it a Good Idea?

Charlie Saponaro - CEO Revenue Cycle 1 Comment

HIM Outsourcing Our industry’s transition to EHRs has opened new doors for health information management (HIM). HIM’s operational areas have become more specialized than ever. The result? Many healthcare executives are now able to reduce expenses, reallocate staff and free up space through centralization and remote workers. According to a recent HealthLeaders CFO Forum,...

HIM Shifts Ahead: 3 Trends for Revenue Cycle to Know

Charlie Saponaro - CEO AHIMA Leave a Comment

The shift in roles, responsibilities and reporting structures for Health Information Management (HIM) professionals is top of mind for healthcare revenue cycle and finance executives as we enter 2015. What lies ahead for HIM and their relationship to revenue cycle? Here are three trends for healthcare finance executives to consider. 1. Shift Coding to Revenue Cycle /...

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