Social Determinants of Health: A Coding Guide

Caitlin Wham, CCS Health and Wellness Leave a Comment

As value-based healthcare models continue to grow, the collection and documentation of social determinants of health data has become a key factor in improving patient care and outcomes. As HIM and Coding Professionals, our role in understanding, collecting and appropriately reporting social determinants of health is more important than ever. What are social determinants...

MRA's Commitment to Health and Wellness

Maddie Tein Health and Wellness Leave a Comment

    MRA is devoting itself to the pursuit of Health and Wellness within our communities. In late June, the CDC released a study revealing that 2 in every 5 American adults are currently struggling with mental health or substance use.  In fact, the study confirmed that “Overall, 40.9% of respondents reported having at least one adverse mental or behavioral health...

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