Shared Risk: 3 HIM Challenges and Solutions

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In a previous post, I discussed the healthcare industry’s transition from a volume-based reimbursement system toward a model that is quality driven.  How can organizations ensure that they’ll succeed in this increasingly pay-for-performance environment? One way is to explore shared-risk contracts in non-revenue generating areas of the hospital.  shared risk model allows for a true partnership between the vendor and provider that yields greater efficiency and shared savings.

Share Risk And Save Money On Your HIM Department


#3 HIM Challenge/Solution in Action

We’re under greater scrutiny by the OCR and now have an even higher organizational priority on privacy and security.” With MRA, every subpoena is carefully investigated and state laws applied to each response. “MRA makes sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.”
–Mike Ricci, Chief Information Officer at Mass. Eye and Ear Institute

Prior to engaging MRA, the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Institute employed 14 internal staff in its HIM department. Since engaging MRA, the department has run efficiently using only 7 FTEs, including some who work onsite and others who work remotely. In addition, the Infirmary reduced its HIM budget by 20% to 30%. 

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