National Cancer Registrars Association Outsourcing and Perception Survey Report

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National Cancer Registrars Association Outsourcing and Perception Survey Report

The National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA) has released a 2020 report on their Outsourcing and Perception Survey which was conducted and analyzed by Association Research, Inc. Click HERE to see the survey report in totality 

The study explains in greater detail industry perceptions of cancer registry outsourcing and sheds light on the ramifications of outsourcing according to 1,690 survey responses.  

Here are some noteworthy results of the survey pertaining directly to cancer registry outsourcing.  

  • Nearly three quarters of respondents continue to report that their cancer registry is not outsourced at all, while less than 1% report full outsourcing. The remainder has indicated partial outsourcing of their cancer registry.  


  • More than two-thirds of contractor lead cancer registrars who work primarily at a hospital registry indicate that, besides their position, a portion of the cancer registry is fully outsourced (68.4%), and 17.3% say a portion is partially outsourced. One in seven (14.3%) say other portions of the cancer registry are not outsourced at all. 

  • Only 6.5 % of hospital registry direct employees and contractor lead registrars who indicate that their facility does not currently fully outsource indicate they know of plans to begin or expand current outsourcing of their cancer registry.  

  • The highest indicated reasons for outsourcing, according to all respondents who currently outsource some or all of their cancer registry, include the inability to find qualified staff as well as an abstracting workload or backlog. More than half of contractors placed at hospitals also indicated that registry management was a reason for choosing to outsource. Other options listed included: Cost Saving, Short-term staffing needs for timeliness, Follow-up workload or backlog, Administrative accreditation management, Institutional preference to outsource, and other.  

  • More than 95% of all respondents (who are direct hospital registry employees or contractors placed at hospitals that are lead cancer registrars at facilities that outsource fully or partially) indicated that abstracting is a portion of their registry that is outsourced.  
  • More than half of these hospital contractors that are lead registrars name a number of aspects of cancer registry activities that are also outsourced, including Case finding/Automated Case finding Implementation (88.2%), State Reporting Compliance (78.9%), Quality Control/Auditing (73.7%), Management or Supervisory role (73.7%), Follow-up (72.4%), CP3R/RQRS (67.1%), CoC Accreditation/ Implementation of Standards (63.2%), Writing Policies and Procedures (59.2%), and Project management/assistance with resolution of non-compliant CoC standards (51.3%). In fact, the only activity reported by fewer than three in 10 contractors as being outsourced is NAPRC (5.3%). 
  • More than six in 10 hospital employees that are lead cancer registrars, who indicate that their facility at least partially outsources, are satisfied with the outsourcing of various cancer registry activities, with 20.0% being very satisfied and 41.4% being satisfied.  


Source: NCRA Report


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