MRA Thought of the Day – Building A Cancer Program Is Like Building A Tree House

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Building a Cancer Program is like building a tree house.

Elizabeth R. Patena, M.D., CTR Vice President of Cancer Registry Elizabeth R. Patena, M.D., CTR
Vice President of Cancer Registry

Choose the tree where you want to build a tree house. In your case, you have already selected the tree which is your facility.

Begin with a platform. The platform is the key element of any tree house which will provide a secure foundation for the rest of the structure. Your Program Standards will serve as the platform for your registry.

Next, frame your walls. Walls should be built close to each other with diagonal bracing for extra strength. This is where the collaboration of all committees in your facility will come into play.

You will then need to build a roof over the tree house. Your Cancer Committee will serve as the roof which will lead and encompass the program through setting goals, monitoring program activities, and evaluating patient outcomes and improving care. Within this tree house is the cancer registry and database which are the basis for monitoring the quality of cancer care.

Now where do you, as the Cancer Registrar, fit into all these components?

You are the ladder that will lead to the tree house and to your Cancer Program. Make sure to build it close to the ground so it is accessible to your community because it is for the community that you have your cancer program.

What are your thoughts?

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