MRA Thought of the Day–Don’t let technology “downtime” bring your staff down

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Luisa Dileso, RHIA, MS, CCS, Director of Coding Education Luisa Dileso, RHIA, MS, CCS, Director of Coding Education

Recently, an inpatient coding validation audit was scheduled to be performed for a MRA client hospital. However clinical program passwords and system access had not been set up or tested. We simply could not get access to the medical record information we needed to conduct the work.

Consequently, the review was delayed and productivity came to a grinding halt. The MRA auditors were frustrated and our client was left un-served. What to do?

Here are my thoughts…

  • Portions of the audit were started and audit worksheets were initiated in an effort to facilitate completion of the review once the system was available.
  • Communication with the client regarding any follow-up and pending project work preparation ensued and this was helpful to both the client and the consultant for future planning purposes.
  • Coding staff members took advantage of the situation to ask questions, review previous audit findings, and solicit/share pertinent coding reference updates and issues. It was nice to be able to get some time to be able to share information one-to-one with our client.

It’s important to be flexible in any downtime situation and to use your time wisely. It’s also important not to lose sight of a customer service perspective in an effort to foster positive and sustained client relations.

What are your thoughts?

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