MRA Thought of the Day–Countering the 1-10 Drop by Improving I-9 Tip #2

Charlie Saponaro - CEO Medical Coding Leave a Comment

So the big question is, “How do I mitigate that drop in productivity?”
One answer is to hire more coders. However, you can’t find them now – never mind when the demand spikes for I-10.

Here is tip #2 of five in our series to improve coder productivity and accuracy. You’ll see immediate results while also preparing for your long-term needs!

Tip #2: Make the Most of Your Software

Evaluate existing technology and software to ensure a productive atmosphere. A scanned or electronic record that is thoughtfully indexed and mapped better supports the coder as well as the clinician– improving the productivity of both. And often there are system features not initially implemented that can help your cause. So take another in depth look at your systems. Identify features you may not be using and work with IT to make them “live”.

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