Best Practices to Meet Cancer Registry Reporting Deadline

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Cancer registries are legislatively mandated to collect confidential data on tumor characteristics, monitor cancer trends, aid in epidemiologic research, and collect quality cancer data elements.

Abstracting Timeliness and what this means to you:

Abstracting timeliness entails the completion of all analytic cases within six months from the date of initial diagnosis must be reported to your state central registry. All cases with an admission date and/or diagnosis date in 2015 are due by June 30, 2016.

The 2015 timely reporting calendar is as follows:

Cases admitted in: Should be reported in:
January 2015 July 2016
February 2015 August 2016
March 2015 September 2016
April 2015 October 2016
May 2015 November 2016
June 2015 December 2016
July 2015 January 2017
August 2015 February 2017
September 2015 March 2017
October 2015 April 2017
November 2015 May 2017
December 2015 June 2017


Reporting completeness for diagnosis year 2015
Target date for 25% completeness: October 2015
Target date for 50% completeness: January 2016
Target date for 75% completeness: March 2016
Target date for 100% completeness: June 30, 2016

Reporting submission requirements: Facilities that accession 500 or more cases each year are required to upload cases at least monthly. Facilities that accession less than 500 cases each year are required to upload at least quarterly but can upload more frequently if needed. All facilities, regardless of upload schedule, must meet the abstracting timeliness requirements.The central cancer registry monitors the reporting of facilities and providers on a quarterly basis. If the facility or provider has failed to submit at least 90% of cases within six months of diagnosis, the facility will be notified in writing and will be given up to 60 days to fulfill its reporting requirement. After two consecutive quarters if the facility or provider doesn’t demonstrate progress towards becoming compliant then the state registry may have to pursue other options to collect the data, including but not limited to state registry staff collecting the data and the cost to obtain the data can be up to $100 per case abstracted.Reporting of cancer cases in a timely manner is essential to the collection of quality data elements. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries (NAACCR) awards facilities for excellence in timeliness of reported data, completeness of case ascertainment and quality of data collected. Facilities that achieve Gold, Silver or Bronze recognition have met rigorous benchmarks in each of the three criteria categories: completeness, timeliness, and quality.As the June 30th deadline for timely reporting approaches, be aware of the reporting deadline and make it a goal to reach the deadline and strive for the excellence award.

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