Assessments and Coding Education

Assessments and Coding Education

Assessing your team ensures you can focus their education. With a targeted assessment, then education becomes measurable and reportable. Delivering education modules that target all key areas for inpatient, outpatient facilities and profee coding. These modules are combined for your needs.

    ICD-10-CM Refreshers 

    • Endocrine diagnoses
    • Circulatory diagnoses: Heart Failure, Hypertension, and CKD
    • Circulatory diagnoses: Acute MI
    • Respiratory diagnoses
    • Obstetrical and Newborn diagnoses
    • Injury diagnoses
    • Complications and Drug diagnoses
    • ICD-10-CM Guidelines FY2020 

    ICD-10-PCS Refreshers 

    • Spinal procedures
    • Orthopedic procedures
    • Cardiac procedures: CABG and PCI
    • Cardiac procedures: Heart Assist Devices
    • Cardiac procedures: Vascular Access Devices
    • Cardiac procedures: Pacemaker, AICD, Heart Valve, MAZE
    • OB and Female Genital procedures
    • Root Operations: Biopsy, Excision and Resection
    • Root Operations: Debridement, Destruction, Extraction
    • Root Operations: Aneurysms, Control, Drainage, Extirpation and Fragmentation
    • Gastrointestinal procedures
    • Head and Neck procedures
    • New Technology Procedures
    • ICD-10-PCS Guidelines FY 2020

    CPT Refreshers 

    • CPT E/M services
    • CPT Spinal Fusion procedures
    • CPT Cardiac procedures
    • CPT Breast procedures
    • CPT Integumentary procedures
    • CPT Guidelines