2022 Cancer Registrars’ Toolbox – Everything you Need to Abstract a 2022 Case in One Organized Toolbox

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Have you ever wished that everything you need to get your job done, could be found in one location? A handyman or woman depends daily on their toolbox to contain most of the necessary tools needed to complete a project. Without an organized toolbox, the task of trying to complete a project could take much longer when having to search over and over for everything one needs to complete a project. By ensuring that everything is in one organized toolbox, the job can be completed much more efficiently and in a timely manner. The same holds true daily for a cancer registrar when researching information to complete an abstract. Without organization, the task of searching for information becomes daunting, time-consuming, and reduces productivity for the registrar, hospital, and organization.

A great toolbox of resources is the “2022 Source Reference” guide produced by STORE Manual v. 2022. This list is compiled of resources needed by a cancer registrar to abstract 2022 cases. This list also includes whom to contact if you need more information or have a question concerning the specific manual. The source list can be found on pages 35-36 of the 2022 Store Manual, store-2022-12102021-final.pdf (facs.org), see the complete list below.

Along with having an organized toolbox, it is important to be able to find your toolbox quickly whenever you need it. By keeping the toolbox in the same location at all times, one can also boost productivity and efficiency. Registrars can be efficient by saving a copy of this reference list on their desktop or in a specific folder they can easily access daily. Another way to keep their toolbox organized and easily accessible is to save each of the websites on their favorite’s toolbar on their server.

Cancer registrars are constantly trying to meet goals on a daily basis, from case finding to abstracting to follow-up. It is important for registrars to realize how important it is to a hospital or organization that registrars work in a very efficient manner and are as productive as possible in the hours they are scheduled to work. It is important for registrars to work in an efficient manner by finding ways to make their job as simple as possible to be a great resource for their organization.

2022 Source References

  • Cancer Surveillance DLL: AJCC licensees can request the licensed version of the library from Martin Madera, mmadera@facs.org.The version for unlicensed users will be available from the AJCC website, please contact Martin Madera (mmadera@facs.org) for access. 
  • Radiation Conversion Specifications: https://www.naaccr.org/data-standards-data-dictionary/ 

Additional References:


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