4 Skills ROI Specialists Need To Succeed

            Skills For Medical Release Of Information Specialists Today’s medical release of information (ROI) specialists wear many hats and must possess many skills. At a very high level, ROI specialists must be highly proficient in medical terminology and the specific components of an electronic health record (EHR). They must also […]

E-signatures: Take Them Or Leave Them?

Know Your Facility’s Release of Information Policy In today’s technology-driven healthcare environment, e-signatures are common, yet they also raise many questions in the world of release of information (ROI). How can ROI specialists verify a patient’s identity when patients sign electronically through a portal, for example? What about when patients sign on an electronic pad/device? […]

How can ROI specialists evolve?

Over the years, the role of the ROI specialist has changed significantly commensurate with increased HIPAA scrutiny and the implementation of EHRs. In a previous post, I discussed the challenges that today’s ROI specialists face when navigating through a hybrid environment. It’s difficult at best to locate information that spans multiple formats and locations, and it […]

Release of Information Wish List – 3 Things for Your Holiday

What’s on your holiday wish list? Sure, we all have a gadget or perfume we would love to receive. But what about your work wish list? What does your ideal release of information (ROI) situation look like as we enter 2015? Working hand-in-hand with hospitals and practices over the past 25 years, I’ve heard a […]