Cost, Efficiency And Expertise Challenges For Health Information Management Today And In the Future

The Growth In HIM Roles In just 10 short years, the times have changed and with those changes the challenges facing today’s healthcare organizations are impacted by the speed of technology and continued decreasing revenue margins. When we think back to Health Information Management (HIM) Departments a decade ago, we were focused on managing a […]

AHIMA 30-day Recap: HIM Trends to Watch

This past September, I had the privilege of attending the AHIMA annual convention in New Orleans. I was particularly looking forward to presentations on information governance and ICD-10. Not only was I able to learn more about both of these important topics, but I also learned about several other initiatives that will surely affect the […]

HIP week: A time to reflect on the importance of HIM

This year, health information professionals (HIP) week takes place March 22-28. During this weeklong celebration, it’s helpful to ponder how much the profession has evolved and where we are headed in the future.  HIM has seen many changes over the years, and we’ll likely see many more as EHRs continue to become a core part of clinical […]

Release of Information Wish List – 3 Things for Your Holiday

What’s on your holiday wish list? Sure, we all have a gadget or perfume we would love to receive. But what about your work wish list? What does your ideal release of information (ROI) situation look like as we enter 2015? Working hand-in-hand with hospitals and practices over the past 25 years, I’ve heard a […]

Spurring Innovation in HIM

Jack and Suzy Welch suggest that most of us are confused about innovation. They state, “You’re getting innovation all wrong. Innovation is a series of little steps that cumulatively lead up to a big deal that changes the game.” When it comes to HIM and EHRs, I believe they are absolutely correct. The EHR was […]