HIP week: A time to reflect on the importance of HIM

This year, health information professionals (HIP) week takes place March 22-28. During this weeklong celebration, it’s helpful to ponder how much the profession has evolved and where we are headed in the future.  HIM has seen many changes over the years, and we’ll likely see many more as EHRs continue to become a core part of clinical […]

HIM Outsourcing—When is it a Good Idea?

            HIM Outsourcing Our industry’s transition to EHRs has opened new doors for health information management (HIM). HIM’s operational areas have become more specialized than ever. The result? Many healthcare executives are now able to reduce expenses, reallocate staff and free up space through centralization and remote workers. According to […]

Release of Information Wish List – 3 Things for Your Holiday

What’s on your holiday wish list? Sure, we all have a gadget or perfume we would love to receive. But what about your work wish list? What does your ideal release of information (ROI) situation look like as we enter 2015? Working hand-in-hand with hospitals and practices over the past 25 years, I’ve heard a […]