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 From Ann Dooley’s blog post: How Can ROI Specialists Evolve?
4 ways ROI specialists can prepare for future changes

1. Oversee ROI compliance in a new electronic world.
ROI specialists currently oversee much of the information that flows into today’s portals. That’s because physicians typically review and sign off on this information before it’s released to the patient via the portal technology. ROI specialists ensure that these reviews take place before pushing information through the portal.

2. Become a patient advocate/liaison.
Proposed MU Stage 3 criteria calls for greater patient engagement, and ROI specialists must be prepared for questions that arise as patients gain more access to their health information. ROI specialists can guide patients in the following ways:

  • Explain how to use the portal, including its features and benefits
  • Describe what information can—and can’t—be accessed through the portal and why
  • Help patients understand their own health information, including its significance and next steps they need to take

3. Prepare for an increase in electronic requests for information.
Auditors continue to request records electronically, and ROI specialists must be able to respond accordingly and in a timely manner. In addition, insurance companies and attorneys will increasingly request information electronically.

4. Get involved with health information exchange (HIE).
Various HIEs are underway in states nationwide. In Massachusetts, for example, the Massachusetts Health Information Highway was established in 2012 as a way to securely and seamlessly transmit vital data electronically. As the industry moves forward with HIE and interoperability, what role will ROI specialists play? Will the HIE be used as a mode of transmission? What can ROI specialists do to ensure the integrity of the data that’s exchanged?

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