Medical Coding Notes

From Cathie Wilde’s blog post: 9 Tips to Calm Coder Anxiety Heading into ICD-10

Encourage coders to make medical coding notes in their coding books regarding personal coding challenges and highlight important resources and references such as:

1. Definitions of 7th character values A, D, and S for injuries and poisonings.

2. Root operation definitions in Appendix A (e.g., highlighting the differences between excision and resection).

3. Guidance indicating that devices are only coded when they remain in the body after a procedure is completed.

4. Guidance indicating that when an endoscopic procedure is converted to an open procedure, coders should code the initial procedure as an inspection.

5. Guidance indicating that coders should not separately code procedural steps necessary to reach the operative site and close the operative site (e.g., don’t code the anastomosis of descending colon when a resection of the sigmoid colon is performed).

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