Coding For Inpatient & Outpatient Clients

Your hospital’s coding needs vary based on patient mix and inpatient versus outpatient volumes. No matter what the requirements are for your organization, MRA customizes a flexible coding solution to suit your needs.

Inpatient Coding & Outpatient Coding Services

Our skilled clinical coders at MRA help organizations of all sizes improve coding operations by addressing volume fluctuations, turnaround times and staffing changes. As your coding partner, we quickly work to master all your revenue cycle requirements and unique coding rules. MRA’s highly skilled coding specialists possess the most up-to-date coding knowledge, require minimal hospital-specific training, and eliminate new hire learning curves.

Benefits of using MRA’s outsourced coding services include:

  • Quality-driven coding specialists ensure claims are processed promptly and correctly—the first time.
  • Productivity is boosted through remote coding focus—no departmental interruptions.
  • Flexible coder scheduling to meet volume fluctuations during peak vacation weeks, unexpected vacancies and high service periods.

MRA And Remote Coding

Remote coding is the de-facto standard for outsourced coding services delivery. Remote medical coding reduces the burden for in-house staff, opens up space for revenue generating services, and delivers a flexible outsourcing solution.

Benefits of A Remote Medical Coder

  • No coder shortages during volume fluctuations.
  • Decreased overhead and hardware costs.
  • Better productivity resulting in decreased DNFB.
  • Additional space within HIM department.

If you still have a hybrid record, MRA can provide scanning as well as secure online folders in order to enable remote coding.

With MRA, you can let us focus on your coding, saving you time, money and stress.

Adjustable Outsourcing

MRA’s remote medical coders have the benefit of being far more “elastic” and flexible than in-house teams. If your healthcare organization sees an influx of patients, more remote clinical coders can easily be added. If patient volume lessens, coders can be removed. It’s that simple.

" MRA's coding education is done very well and brings lots of value. "

- HIM Director, South Shore Hospital



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