Denial Management

Due to the complexity involved with coding, billing and physician documentation, denial management is a necessary component of a successfully functioning healthcare organization. An estimated 90% of denials are preventable with proper medical coding and compliance measures, and almost 70% of denials can be recovered by taking quick action.

Denial Management Expertise

MRA offers comprehensive and competent denial management services. How your healthcare organization deals with denials has a big impact on the bottom line, so working with denials quickly and efficiently is of the utmost importance.

The Benefits Of Using MRA

  • Get to the root cause of denials.
  • Fix problems and avoid future issues.
  • Examine billing processes to analyze the revenue cycle.
  • Discover workflow efficiency solutions.
  • Implement comprehensive educational services for the needs we identify.

Avoid Revenue Loss

We don’t just “work” denials at MRA; rather, we actively manage them for the greatest return. Many healthcare organizations lose between 1% and 3% of net revenue because of denial mismanagement. MRA’s denials management team helps healthcare organizations retain their profits and avoid losing valuable revenue.

" MRA's coding education is done very well and brings lots of value. "

- HIM Director, South Shore Hospital



Don’t deal with claim denials on your own. To learn how MRA can manage and lower your overall denial rate and ensure the success of your healthcare organization, contact us today for more information. Free case studies and demos are available.

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