Release of Information Services

Even if your organization has a complete EHR, filling outside requests for information takes release of information skills and HIM know-how. MRA delivers both.

Release of Information Services & outsourcing

MRA equips your department with the technology and tools necessary to fulfill medical record requests timely and securely.  Our remote ROI specialist allows quick access to all requestor activity and processed medical records from anywhere, without compromising security.

Your EHR only goes so far in ensuring safe, timely and secure release of information to outside third parties, including patients. People are still an important part of the process. MRA specialists know what to release, when to release, and to whom. We certify every request, every record and every recipient to reduce your risk of HIPAA breach—and protect your patients.

Abstracting and ROI Specialists

MRA experts retrieve information, paper and electronic, to fulfill requests and ensure that the correct data is identified for release and fully process your requests.

Your organization gets a second set of HIPAA-trained eyes and ears to check data accuracy and completeness for every information release. We’ll help your department spot errors and boost enterprise data integrity—every release, every time.

Need To Focus On Claims Management?

MRA can assist in fulfilling requests in a timely and compliant manner. This solution allows your organization to save time, resources, and money.

Each of MRA’s service delivery models for ROI and disclosure management benefits from our technology, customer service, and dedication to requester relations. People are still necessary in the ROI process to prevent breach and ensure HIPAA compliance.

" One thing that stands out about MRA is their excellent customer service. The MRA staff is VERY knowledgeable. "

- HIM Director, Children’s Hospital


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