Electronic Release For HIPAA Compliance

MRA’s entire suite of disclosure management services includes the ability to electronically deliver information to requestors via private portal, secure file transfer or CD.

MRA supplies the technology, equipment, knowledge, and supplies necessary to track and electronically fulfill requests for medical records. Electronic information is uploaded into the MRA disclosure management system while paper-based records are scanned.

Electronic Health Records Release for HIPAA Compliance:

  • We own and manage the software. No IT headaches or technical burdens for you.
  • Your requestors are happier. Your patients are more satisfied, and your PHI is kept secure.
  • We are a certified HIH (Health Information Handler). We utilize the esMD transmission software for CMS requests.

Have A Healthcare Patient Portal?

MRA specialists can even upload requested information directly to the patient portal saving time and improving patient satisfaction.

Our Security. Your PHI.

At MRA, we’re committed to compliance and to ensuring that your facility meets HIPAA regulations. Continual testing, ongoing staff training, and our in-house legal and compliance team ensure that each solution provides security and exceeds basic compliance standards. Our dedication to HIPAA compliance is what has made us one of the largest and most trusted Health Information Services providers in the U.S.

" Working for MRA is great. The people are friendly, professional and willing to help you with any coding situation. The hours are extremely flexible "

- Coder ,12 Years ,CCS, CPC-H


See what MRA can do for your release process. Dump the paper.

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