CDS Physician Education

With ICD-10 bringing major changes in medical billing in 2015, healthcare organizations around the country are already starting to prepare. For many, this means more attention to physician education so that clinical documentation is ready for new coding requirements.

Have you thought about how well your physicians are prepared for the changes coming in medical documentation?

CDI and Physicians

Even without the influence of ICD-10, it’s important for physicians to be aware of clinical documentation improvement strategies. Because coders get their data directly from the physician, gaps and errors in documentation come straight from the top.

Documentation inefficiencies increase the amount of time dedicated to compliance auditing and can result in lost profits and increased rates of denial.

Weak physician documentation also negatively impacts patient care, quality scores and health grades outcomes. It’s in everyone’s best interest to ensure physicians are properly trained.

MRA Can Help in CDS Education

It’s unrealistic to expect a busy physician to delve into coding requirements for long periods of time. What is often more helpful to a physician is an expert in CDS education who can provide the specific information necessary to improve clinical documentation. MRA provides the following:

  • Physician and clinical staff documentation programs and presentations
  • Medical staff/hospital and physician staff programs and presentations
  • Anatomy and physiology review

It all starts with a needs assessment at your healthcare organization. We determine exactly what your physician education requirements are and create custom training from that data.

We understand physician education needs to be straight to the point and easily consumable to have the best results. With MRA’s 25 years of experience in physician education, we have the reputation and experience necessary to deliver measurable results.

Getting Physicians Engaged

To ensure full compliance with coding it is vital to get all members of the healthcare organization on board, including physicians. Our approach to physician education gets your medical staff engaged and quickly improves the overall status of your clinical documentation processes.

" One thing that stands out about MRA is their excellent customer service. The MRA staff is VERY knowledgeable. "

- HIM Director, Children’s Hospital


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