Word of Caution for Hospital CFOs

Ignore HIM at Your Own Risk Medical records are going electronic at record-breaking speed. Spurred by meaningful use incentives, EHRs are being rapidly installed and core HIM functions quickly automated. Many HIM functions are already outsourced and hospital leaders plan to offload even more HIM tasks in the year ahead. For example, a recent survey […]

Eight Tips to Win Coding Denials

How to Successfully Navigate Appeals Even with the temporary suspension of RAC reviews, hospitals continue to deal with insurance denials from a multitude of third party payers. Responding to these coding denials is time consuming. HIM, revenue cycle and coding professionals are further frustrated when they believe their cases were correctly coded from the start. […]

Coding Quality Points to Ponder

Nothing is more dangerous than an incorrect code. Whether in ICD-9, ICD-10 or CPT, your organization’s coding practices must be ethical, complete, accurate and compliant. So how are you measuring coding quality today? Which of the following best practices do you use? Perform periodic internal coding quality audits. Review all new hire records until coding accuracy standard […]

The ICD-10 Verdict is in…7 strategies from MRA

Every lesson learned is a step forward. This past week’s decision by the Senate certainly provided a few new lessons for hospitals. First and foremost, we are reminded to “never say never”. And secondly, we can now take a breath and contemplate how to respond. Serious questions now emerge for everyone. The first of these […]

MRA Thought of the Day – Myocardial Infarctions: Differences in ICD-10

Aside from the obvious code changes, a coder needs to be aware of some fundamental differences in guidelines for the coding of myocardial infarctions. The ICD-9 fifth digit designation of unspecified, initial episode or subsequent episode of care is no longer applicable The timeframe for acute designation has changed from 8 weeks to 4 weeks […]