ACoS Survey Preparation

Effective ACoS Survey Preparedness

ACoS surveys are essential to the success of any cancer registry program. MRA helps your organization effectively prepare for American College of Surgeons auditors through a rigorous combination of onsite assessments and readiness activities.

American College of Surgeons Survey Assessments

  • Commission on Cancer Standards reviewed for compliance
  • Deficiencies identified and action plan for improvement
  • Executive report and plan of action

ACoS Survey Preparations

  • Meet with Cancer Committee to review CoC on-site survey process
  • Assist Cancer Program in compiling required documentation for surveyor
  • Review Cancer Committee minutes for required documentation
  • Assist Cancer Registry in completion of the Survey Application Report
  • Tailor Cancer Registry to meet organization’s environment

" We attribute much of our success to the experts at MRA. "

- Dr. Patrick Brophy, Chairman of Cancer Committee at Winchester Hospital


If your organization is scheduled for a survey within the next 12 to 24 months, now is the time to prepare.

Contact MRA to learn more about how we can make ACoS surveys easier for your executives, your staff and your budget.

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