MRA’s Thought of the Day

The Privacy Mindset with Third Party Record Reviewers


As HIM professionals we expect others we encounter in our personal and professional lives to share our same high level of commitment and dedication to our professional career.  We also expect that from our team at the office, including external third-party auditors and record reviewers. External reviewers must share your organization’s commitment to protecting patient […]

Documentation Management in Support of the Electronic Health Record

Laureen Rimmer

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) continue to change the landscape of healthcare.  Although the technology and workflow of electronic documentation seems to make paper documents obsolete, a hybrid medical record exists in many healthcare settings.  Organizations need to determine which paper documents to include with the EHR, access to that documentation and when to include that […]


Cathie W

A 67 year old male who had been experiencing frequent melena presents to the hospital for work up and treatment. An esophagogastoduodenoscopy (EGD) was performed with the finding of a medium sized angioectasia (AVM) seen in the mid jejunum which was thought to be the source of the bleeding.  As a result, the following procedure […]

2017 HIM Challenges in Data Integrity, Revenue Integrity & Denial Prevention

Laureen Rimmer

As we evolve in 2017, the challenges have settled for Health Information Management (HIM) post implementation of ICD-10.  Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) programs and Computer Assisted Coding (CAC) continue to bring value to data integrity.  Larger healthcare systems continue to centralize revenue services while their auditing efforts have improved with technology and resources to conduct […]

Insight into Coding Diabetic Eye Conditions

C. Matheson

There are a variety of conditions that can impact individuals with diabetes.  People with diabetes are at greater risk for developing eye problems that could lead to blindness or serious deterioration of sight.  Age also plays a role in the progression of eye disease in individuals with diabetes.  Cataracts, glaucoma and retinopathy are the most […]