Top 7 Ways to Reduce Coding Audit Anxiety

Simply mentioning a coding audit sends shivers up a coder’s spine. Coders acknowledge and support the need for audits; however the mere thought of an audit presents a level of anxiety with thoughts of their coding quality being scrutinized, as they continually strive to balance quality and productivity. Here are the Top 7 Ways to […]

Have You Performed A Case Mix Index Check-up Post ICD-10 Go Live?

Organizations did a fantastic job preparing for ICD-10. However, now that the dust has settled, we need to drill down into the data. Specifically, case mix index (CMI). With more than two months’ worth of ICD-10 data, it’s easier to make comparisons and draw logical conclusions. If coding and/or documentation problems exist, they’re likely starting […]

Think “Reciprocity” To Combat Coder And CDI Turf Wars In ICD-10

Unfortunately, the silos between coders and CDI professionals still exist in many hospitals. In some organizations, the walls may be slowly coming down, but in others, the silos stand tall. The irony is these two roles actually have more in common than they might realize. With communication and collaboration, coders and CDI specialists actually have […]

Face-to-face Interactions: The Missing Link In CDI

  Remote Clinical Documentation Improvement Coding There’s no doubt that remote work has its perks for employers—increased productivity, lower overhead costs, and a better pool of candidates from which to choose. We explored the benefits of remote work options in a recent blog topic here. However, in a virtual world, the nuances of good old […]

Top 3 Reasons to Implement an Outpatient CDI Program

Although CDI programs have typically been implemented in the inpatient setting, many organizations are beginning to turn their attention toward outpatient documentation as well. That’s because many of the same documentation deficiencies occur in both settings. Poor outpatient documentation—particularly in the emergency department (ED) record—can also affect inpatient code assignment. As third-party auditors continue to […]

Changing Roles for Coding Professionals

Role changes are on the horizon for coding professionals. With the implementation of Computer Assisted Coding (CAC), ICD-10 and Hospital Value-based Purchasing (HVBP), clinical coding will take on different forms and new responsibilities. Traditional coding careers may transition to auditors, data analysts or even clinical documentation improvement / integrity specialists (CDIS). Coders → Auditors Coders […]

Coding Quality Points to Ponder

Nothing is more dangerous than an incorrect code. Whether in ICD-9, ICD-10 or CPT, your organization’s coding practices must be ethical, complete, accurate and compliant. So how are you measuring coding quality today? Which of the following best practices do you use? Perform periodic internal coding quality audits. Review all new hire records until coding accuracy standard […]

MRA Thought of the Day – The Radiologist’s Role in ICD-10-CM Documentation

A unique friendship between coder and radiologist is on the horizon. It is actually not so unique, but rather very logical. ICD-10-CM fracture coding requires anatomical specificity, simply stated, which bone is broken and what part of the bone is broken? For example, fracture of subtrochanteric neck of the right femur. Documentation of this detail […]

MRA Thought of the Day – A Simple Approach to Teamwork

Situation: Some to do list items appear more challenging than others, or so we think. For example, creating an environment of teamwork and collaboration amongst the Coding and CDS group may seem like a monumental task, but in reality, it can be very simple. Begin with fostering two basic core values: Communication and Respect To […]

MRA Thought of the Day – The Stakes Are High for a Successful CDIP

Situation: The multitude of changes in the healthcare industry are forcing hospitals to re-design and re-energize their Clinical Documentation Improvement Programs. To assist in this endeavor, HIM Directors and coding managers should examine the existing relationship between the two driving forces behind the success of the CDIP. Regardless of whether it appears the HIM coders […]